Tuesday, September 04, 2012


Thanks to a blood test and few tips of wisdom from a cousin, i was forced out of bed early mornings for a walk in the beach front. If felt like walking up the himalayas but slowly i started enjoying it. May be it is the walk and the sweat that i enjoy or may be it is the peace and the morning sun rise.

This new habit did give me some opportunities to see how beautiful nature is and it is fools like me who ignored it for so long. Happiness is not to be searched for, it is there within us. We just have to look inside and let it happen. 

Another good thing that happened out of this habit is i started thinking inward, which resulted in much more peace of mind.


Seema said...

Those pictures on the screen itself can make a wonderful day..the sunrise in real gives you so much energy to begin an awesome one !
Lovely..May the morning walks n awesome energy keep coming :)

Tricksand said...

Thanks seema,

Hope it does and hope i get to write something....