Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hard Work & Commitment

Its after a long time that I am writing something. This post is dedicated to all the people who have slogged to build organizations. Who have beat the heat and come up from scratch. Who have burned their sweat for the betterment of the company that is paying them. To those who have valued commitment and perseverance as their philosophy of life.

The Stupid

Why don't you change your job ?, asked his friends. His reply came after a thought, "I don't understand why i should". " See you joined as a entry level engineer and you are still the same, see this is our third or fourth job and see where we are now". He remains silent. "You can never be a manager there, you can not grow", they kept talking. . He is deep sunk in thought, the thoughts of how good his colleges are to him, how comfortable he is in his work place, how good his company has paid him and taken care of his needs. Suddenly he is alerted by a tap on his shoulder " Come on, change the job man".

The Definition of Hard Work

The stories of how a company is built from scratch is the one I love most to listen to. I have heard a lot of them and I still find time to listen to them. There is an emotional bond that is formed between the employee and the "Organization"; especially when he has seen it being built, when he is involved in building it brick by brick. I have heard stories of people who have been involved with organization from the very beginning, the conception stage. Who have found very little difference in their personal and professional life. Those who have not been suffering their whole life but was achieving things every day.

It is a choice that has to be made, whether you want to be a "Professional" who will never be satisfied with anything in life or be a happy, loyal employee who can find happiness in going for work. We spend a good part of our life at work and it is a place to be enjoyed rather than suffered.

If anybody expected a conclusive statement at the end of the post. I am sorry disappointing you even I don't know.

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