Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Extraordinary

I have seen different people in my career at UAE, i have been dealing with workers as an intermediary between them and the management. Take their problems to management and implement management decision.. yes it was a tedious job...

1. Shajahan : He was working in my dept as a worker. I was stunt at the way he speaks English, very fluent. I got interested in this person. I spoke to him and i came to know that he worked in an embassy before coming to UAE for job. The work he was doing was really stressful and tiring but he was always enthusisastic. He had the drive to move forward. He finally landed up with an additional responsibility of teaching other workers English language, a non profit making effort by that noble young man. Truly inspirational.

2. Mohan : He was a grinder (Worker) he had interest in computers, drawings etc. He bough a computer , installed autocad and started learning on his own he requested his supervisor to get training in technical stuff but his request was turned down. He persisted attended trainings during his vacation and came back with certificates. Tried to work his way up again.. again his request was turned down by supervisor.... He took a drastic step made drawings on his own and met the CEO . He was permitted to do training in QC dep as unpaid apprentice for 2 months. He struggled his way up and finally landed up in R&D dept as methods engineer.

Soooo many people with the will and drive to excel and successful in doing it.. this world is large enough for those who want it so...

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