Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Devil Dance

She is beautiful
Her eyes full of love
Her words had magic
Thatv took me for a ride

She showed me dreams
She gave me hopes
She showed me new meanings
To my life i used to hate

She blindfolded me in love
I drowned in her love
She kissed me
She hugged me

Now when i wake up from the dream
Breaking her spells
I see the devil in her
Laughing at me...

She killed my soul
She oozed my love
She is happy
When she saw me dying

I cried for my life
She acted deaf
I ran for my life
She pulled me back

Now she is dancing
Dancing on my grave
Its her wedding dance
Right above my grave

My soul weeps
Weeps in hurt
Weeps in insult
Laughing at me....

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