Sunday, June 04, 2006

Constrained Optimisation

Every individual prefers to live a happy and peaceful life. We expect our days to be bright ! Does this happen often ? Any way for me i do not think so. Human beings can never maximise happiness, human life is completely constrained. Man is born in chains and will die in chains ! The process of human life is just a change in chains, addition or deletion of the same.
Any activity a person intending to do will go through a lot of screening process within his mind and the predominent factor affecting the above is the openion of others ! So how much weightage is given for these ? Like wise millions of constraints

Is Love a constraint ???? Just this quiestion would have attracted lot of frowns i am aware of that. But i feel this way.Love is a constraint....and it continues to be one throughout his life. This chain is so strong that its number increases with age of the individual. This is the same constraint which prevents or inhibits the thoughts of a person's pursuit for eternal freedome. So isn't love a constraint ??

Love comes as Parents, Sibblings, Girl/Boy friends, Wife/Husband, Children, Grandchildren...

when is man free ?? when does he do things of his own wish ?? Being the most evolved species is he ever free to do things he wish ? Is maximisation of happiness possible ? No its optimisation , Constrained Optimisation

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