Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Life ?????

1. Define Life ?
A) Life is a big piece of BULL SHIT the more u take it seriously and put ur soul into it the more it will stink

2. Define Love ?
A) The process invented by god to keep guys under control. very little of it means u will crave for more too much of it means u get bugged but it never comes in the perfect mix. so the defenition can be Love is that which comes to your life like a breeze of drizzle and leave ur life like a cyclone or thunderstorm destroying your whole life

3) Define Happiness ?
A) A state of mind u can acheve only when u break all the bonds attached to u


Maya Cassis said...


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Anonymous said...

very true.....loved ur blog.... u seem to be an interesting person... i have been reading your blogs for quite some time. i am impressed. keep it up

Tricksand said...

Thanx anony. If u r also a blogger please leave ur link.

skeleton said...

yes I am a blogger but i dont think you will gain anything by reading my blog because they are not as interesting as yours.
I was impressed by this blog of yours but the unpleasent response i got from another blog of yours has discouraged me a lot..

Tricksand said...

ohh..i'm so sorry i misunderstood i thought u were another person who used to give me lot of useless advice ... i appologise...pls put some sort of identification in your comments