Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Petrol Pump Strike

Today The comparitively peaceful city of Calicut witnessed an brutal assault and murded out of revenge of a petrol pump employee

But what i want to point out is not that issue which will for sure will come in the news papers . Being vaccation me and my friend set out in my bike for a trip and i happened to go to a petrol pump to fill the relatively empty tank and i was startled by the reply of petrol pump strike as had already coverd half way and i was expecting an empty takn any moment . byt considering the emosions of the workers i decided to take a risk rather than beging ,but the fear of walking in the hot sun really made me ask the lady in the pump for atlest a half litre . But a NO really made me understand their UNITY .

The best part of the story is that when i was about to leave i saw the same lady giving petrol to not one but TWO auto rickshaws which tempted me to ask once more for petrol and even this time reply was same so i walked in their office and a much more insulting NO was the answer form the Lady sitting there

What i couldn't understand was the policy of treating customers in two different was and troubling customers who has nothing to do with the strike

This nation need to change.....

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